Cloverleaf Canine Centre is a family owned and run pet care facility. Headed up by Olwen who takes care of all the day to day running including looking after the day care dogs, grooming, walking and of course the Empowering Training and Counselling practice.

Cloverleaf is unique in the area and we pride ourselves on being small as it enables individual attention for each of our client dogs who become members of our extended family. Being indoors means that the dogs get to play whatever the weather is doing. But because of our size dogs who want to go out get that chance. So whether it's snoozing on a sofa or playing tag with friends Cloverleaf is here to love and care as much as you do.

Olwen has 25 years experience working with dogs and even more years working with animals in general, particularly horses. She is a Certified Behaviourist and Trainer, a member of INTODogs and also certified by ICAN. You can read more of her story on the Empowering page.

One of the advantages of being a small business is being able to offer students practial work experience to go alongside their training courses. We've had students from Moulton, Stamford and Peterborough as well as from Tresham College. They are aslo able to take advantage of the extensive library of dog books.



Cloverleaf Canine Centre

Cloverleaf Canine Centre opened in 2012 and offers Dog Daycare, walking, home visits and grooming.
With a 4 star license in the 1st year of the new licencing regulations you can be assured of great care for your dog.

If you have other pets please ask about our in home services and cat grooming.


Empowering is the new name for the behaviour counselling and personal training practice at Cloverleaf.

With 25 years experince Olwen will help you and your dog build your relationship using positive reinforcement for both of you.

Online Dog Training

The latest addition to the services offered at Cloverleaf. Online training offers the option of being able to train your dog anytime, any place.

Perfect for those who can't attend the in person classes or who want to train in their own time.


Good Dog Training School is the longest established postive reinforcement dog training club in Corby.

Offering weekly classes for all dogs from puppies to adults you can do the Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards through our club.

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